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SwayLOC™ - the only true dual rate off-road anti-swaybar for Jeep® Wrangler™

SwayLOC™ improves balance and control while providing full articulation during off-road use.  It also delivers near OEM ride quality during on-road use that is more firm than the stock anti-swaybar.

The SwayLOC™ system encorporates a simple latching mechanism that makes it easy to change between off-road and on-road resistance rates without having to struggle with disconnect links.  There are two latch options: an air operated, remote controlled latch; or the "Flip-a-Lever" manually operated latch.  The air operated latch¹ is controlled by a switch inside the cab or automatically when equipped with AiROCK™².

Prefer unrestricted articulation when off-road?  Then go for the more economical SwayLOC™ SR.  SwayLOC™ SR encorporates the same features using just a single rate torsion bar.  It provides resistance when engaged for on-road use and no resistance when disengaged for off-road use.

1. Requires an air supply with a minimum of 50 PSI to disengage the latch.  No air pressure is used to engage and sustain the latch for on-road use.
2. AiROCK™ control requires the purchase of the SwayLOC™ AiROCK™ remote control kit (SL-ARRCK).

Latest improvements include:

  • Larger diameter torsion bars, offering greater durability.
  • Redesigned arms now clamp to the torsion bar easing assembly.
  • New multi-link kit provides parts for proper linkage length and for future growth.


  • Low resistance rate reduces body lean, enhancing off-road performance.
  • High resistance rate provides great on-road handling.
  • Simple manual or optional remotely controlled latching system.
  • Automatic rate control when integrated with AiROCK™.
  • Keyed cam system ensures latch engages when vehicle is at proper position.
  • Heavy-duty steel and anodized aluminum construction.
  • Graphite impregnated polyurethane mounting bushings.
  • All wear components are serviceable.
  • Integrates into Jeep® Wrangler™ TJ frame cross member.
  • Bolts onto Jeep® Wrangler™ JK.

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Move cursor over photo for "Flip-a-Lever" demo
Manually Operated Latch
Remote Controlled Latch
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