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U-Turn™ Steering Upgrade kit for Jeep® Wrangler™ TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ.

The U-Turn™ steering upgrade kit replaces the stock tie rod and drag link, providing additional strength and improved responsiveness.  Its crossover design prevents steering toe variance caused by changes to suspension height.  U-Turn™ minimizes bump steer, improves steering feel and eliminates the steering dead spot commonly associated with a lifted Jeep®.

The upgrade kit includes steering knuckle mounting brackets and larger heavy duty ball and socket tie rod ends that provide a longer service life.  The drag link mount allows for a full turning radius, lock to lock, matching the steering box.  The drag link design provides clearance for the track bar/sway bar brackets, no trimming required.

This is a 100% bolt-on kit that can be easily removed to return the vehicle back to stock for resale.

Need to reinstall your U-Turn™?

If for any reason you need to reinstall your U-Turn™, such as changing axles or moving it to another vehicle, then the old aluminum crush collars should not be reused.  It is also good practice to replace the 1/2" cap screws, top lock nuts, and cotter pins.  The U-Turn™ re-installation kit provides everything necessary to do so on a stock TJ, LJ, XJ, or ZJ axle.
U-Turn™ for Jeep® Wrangler™ TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ
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U-Turn™ features:

  • Solid straight 1.375" heat treated chromoly steel tie rod.
  • Solid 1.25" heat treated chromoly steel drag link.
  • Includes new Spicer tie rod ends for the tie rod and Moog Problem Solver tie rod ends for the drag link which allow for a wide range of alignment.
  • Easily adjust toe-in by spinning tie rod.
  • Black E-coated to prevent rust.
  • Simple bolt-on installation for TJ Dana 30/44 front axles with or without ABS.

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Upgrade your older (silver) model U-Turn™

The latest version of U-Turn™ is now manufactured with a solid, instead of hollow, drag link that utilizes larger heavy duty tie rod ends.

The U-Turn™ drag link upgrade kit updates your older U-Turn™ to match the latest version.  Installing this kit is a great option instead of just replacing worn drag link tie rod ends.  The heavy duty Moog Problem Solver tie rod ends included in this kit deliver a longer service life than the ends previously used.
U-Turn™ Drag Link Upgrade kit

U-Turn™ Drag Link Upgrade Kit includes:

  • Solid 1.25" heat treated chromoly steel drag link.
  • E-coated black to prevent rust and to differentiate it from earlier versions.
  • A new adjuster.
  • A pair of Moog Problem Solver metric left hand thread tie rod ends.
  • New jam nuts for the adjuster and tie rod ends.

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